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Rebuttal to Allegations from Teamsters 763 in Police Contract Negotiations – Cabot Dow Response

In the City Council meeting on 10/18 there were allegations from the Teamsters 763 toward City Officials.  Cabot Dow, a twenty-year resident wrote a letter to refute such claims. * His letter says he was present throughout the police bargaining process and executive sessions described in the Teamster letter. His letter refutes the Teamster’s allegation that the City negotiated in “bad faith,” and that the administration hid information from the Council.  He attests that the City Council was fully informed through the bargaining process and gave the administration parameters on how to proceed. He states that the mediation is memorialized in a 630 page binder.

Cabot Dow excerpts in his letter state:

“The Union’s proposals reviewed with the Council represented a 39% increase in compensation costs to the City plus the added cost of take-home vehicles that elevated the annual cost of the Union’s proposal in the aggregate to over 50%.”

“As a Human Resources and Labor Relations Consultant, I have negotiated well over 100 labor contracts with Teamsters Local 763 over the last 40 years and have never seen such tactics employed by the Union, until this letter from Ms. Mafua that appears to be a personal attack on City representatives from those involved in support of the Union.” 

*Both the Teamsters 763 letter and Cabot letter were obtained from public documents from City website and republished below.

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