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We here at the Clyde Hill Coalition have been closely monitoring recent developments within our City Council, particularly the council appointment made on January 9th to fill the seat left vacant by the election of Steve Friedman as Mayor. The appointment process came down to two candidates, Lisa Slivka and Tim Rattigan. It is crucial for … [read more]
Mayor Steve Friedman recently appointed Mark Kroese and Jared Wheeler to fill two vacant positions on the city’s Planning Commission. While the appointments are part of Friedman’s new job description, what sets these appointments apart is the lack of even the appearance of an unbiased process. Freidman did not even bother to hold any interviews … [read more]
We bid farewell to 2023 and now it’s time to reflect on the highs and lows that marked the year in Clyde Hill. While our picturesque city has experienced moments of unity and progress, it hasn’t been immune to controversies that have left residents questioning the stability of local governance. As we gear up for … [read more]
The City of Clyde Hill is presently in a state of transition as the City Council prepares to fill the vacant seat left by now Mayor Steve Friedman, who secured an uncontested victory last November. The impending vote by Councilmembers on January 9th introduces Lisa Slivka and Tim Rattigan as candidates vying for the role. … [read more]
There are several upcoming opportunities for residents to serve their community.  Descriptions of opportunities to serve on the City Council, Planning Commission, Civil Service Commission, and Budget Advisory Committee can be found on the City website.  [read more]
During this Tuesday’s meeting, the city council will hold a public hearing about raising the city’s portion of property taxes by 1%. If this ordinance passes, the city's budget will increase by 1%, but it is not necessarily a 1% increase in your property tax rate. [read more]
The second round of vote counting has been published by King County Elections and the results from Election Night have not changed much.  Steve Friedman ran unopposed, winning 95% of the vote. In Council Position 2, Councilmember Ashley Eckel faced Steve Sinwell. Sinwell is leading with nearly 62% of the vote. In Council Position 4, … [read more]
Council candidate Steve Sinwell has sent political mail to Clyde Hill residents asking for their vote in the upcoming Council elections. On his postcards, he has been using the City of Clyde Hill logo. We’ve been told multiple residents have reached out to learn if, and why, the city was endorsing Steve Sinwell. Despite the … [read more]
Council candidate Steve Sinwell claims he cares deeply about the Clyde Hill community. Still, according to publicly available voter participation records, Steve Sinwell has never voted in a Clyde Hill City Council election. Since Sinwell moved into his house in November 2016, there have been 3 City Council elections and he didn’t vote in any … [read more]
After watching the campaigns for months, one candidate stood out as exceptionally well qualified for Council Position 4: Ryan Olson. Olson has been serving us on the Planning Commission for three years. The Planning Commission handles much of the technical land use review and code changes before they hit the Council’s desk. Between his real … [read more]
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