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It’s about Community

And that starts with you

About us

The Clyde Hill Coalition was formed by a group of concerned residents. They and their families have lived in Clyde Hill for over 190 years. We’re committed to holding our local elected officials accountable to voters.

We believe the power of information – reporting the truth and facts – is the best avenue to upholding government accountability and bettering our community.

Our coalition launched after our City Councilmembers made unsettling moves to grab more power. Through a ballot measure, Councilmembers attempted to make changes to our local government that would remove your right to vote for mayor while costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of Proposition 1 in November 2022. Voters ultimately rejected Prop 1 by 61% of the vote.

But – since then – more concerns have been brought to light. Serious conflicts of interest with some elected City Council Members deserve public exposure – and we’re bringing it all to light.

Our mission

Our mission is to inform residents of the policies that impact their community.  Hold our elected officials accountable while reporting the truth and facts of issues that affect our community.

Our values

Our Community is the Power!

Ethics, honesty, democracy, integrity, civility, safety, security, community.

Being engaged to help our City adapt with the changing times. Not just one voice, but many.

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