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Moore officially resigns, Council adopts an appointment process

Last Tuesday, the Clyde Hill City Council met to discuss – among other issues – the recent vacancy brought on by the resignation of Councilmember Scott Moore. Councilmember Moore officially resigned during the meeting. Moore endorsed Councilmember Steve Friedman for Mayor during the meeting. Using public meetings or property to advance an election is against state lawNo other councilmembers called Moore out for breaking the law or acting unethically by endorsing Friedman.

On his way out, Moore also took time to throw an underhanded political punch at the City Administration and – more specifically – the mayor. Moore, once again, made it clear that he does not want Clyde Hill voters to elect their own mayor in his closing statement. Luckily, voters did not agree with him. The residents voted down his wishes to make the mayor an appointed position by the city council.

With Moore’s seat now open, it will be filled by an appointment process for the short term. Voters will elect a new councilmember for the seat in November 2023. 

The process adopted by the Council during the meeting will be as follows:

  1. Interested residents of our city can apply to fill the vacancy here. Applications are due by Friday, April 21 at 2PM.
  2. The Council will hold interviews during a Special council meeting on May 1. 
  3. The Council will vote at the end of the Special council meeting and the candidate who wins a majority vote will be appointed to the seat.
  4. The successful candidate will be sworn in at May regular council meeting.

Candidates must meet certain eligibility requirements, including:

  1. Proof of continuous residence within Clyde Hill city limits for a minimum of one year prior to your appointment.
  2. Registered as a voter in the City of Clyde Hill.
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