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Fast Track Resolution Passes – Conflicts with Councilmembers

Council passes “fast-track” resolution for November 2022 ballot vote. Council is not listening to residents objections for the “rush” to put themselves into power and demote our elected Mayor. The only “nay” no vote, Council Member Muromoto. Unfortunate Council would not give residents more time for the November 2023 ballot to gather facts and understand conflicted motives of Council Members.

Dean Hachamovitch sued the City after a denied gate permit and was presented with this bill from the City for appeal. The bill is still outstanding as of 6/28. Does Hachamovitch expect taxpayers to pay this expense for him?

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Seven years ago Scott Moore signed a permit with the City committing to remove his hedge in the right of way. After refusing to remove the hedge at the contract date the City removed hedge and he filed a harassment claim against the City Administrator. The claim was found to have no merit by police.

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See public records and conflicts of council members on the newsletter-blog page here*: Newsletters – Blog

*Obtained directly from City of Clyde Hill as Public Records

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