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Tell the City Council: Don't reduce fire safety

Sign the petition below to tell the council to not reduce the fire hydrant visibility requirements

Councilmembers are attempting to reduce the requirement that some fire hydrants be visible up to 150 feet down to only 3 feet. Clyde Hill Municipal Code 13.08.220 says, “Hydrants shall not be obstructed by any structure or vegetation, or have the hydrant visibility impaired within a distance of 150 feet in any direction of vehicular approach to the hydrant.”

Why does this matter? One of the hydrants used to stop a 2020 house fire was on a private lane. If the 150 foot visibility requirement was removed, it would make this (and other) hydrants more difficult to locate.

Sign the petition below to tell the council to not reduce the visibility requirements for fire hydrants.

Hydrant Petition

Petition Language:

City Council:

I have been a resident of Clyde Hill since XXXX. I’ve signed a petition in opposition to amending CHMC 13.08.220 to reduce the visibility requirement of fire hydrants.

Do not amend city code to reduce fire hydrant visibility.

Please include my comments in the agenda packet as public comment for the 3/14 meeting.


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