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The Problem of Speeding on Clyde Hill’s Residential Roads

Speeding on Clyde Hill residential roads remains an ongoing and concerning problem. Despite various efforts, the issue persists, particularly during rush hour when commuters seek shortcuts through Clyde Hill to evade major traffic congestion on thoroughfares like SR-520 or I-90.

One contributing factor to this problem is the reliance on GPS apps, which often redirect drivers through residential areas to allegedly save time. Additionally, major transportation changes, such as the installation of light rail and the SR-520 bridge construction, have worsened the situation by causing more traffic and encouraging drivers to use residential streets as alternative routes.

Of course, all city roads are accessible to the public. That reality places a limit on the city’s ability to regulate traffic effectively. In response to the speeding issue, our city implemented speed radar signs in 2017. These signs aimed to slow down drivers and collect valuable data on speeding patterns, such as the time of day and average speed.

The speed radar signs lack the capability to capture photos or videos of speeders, and they are not used for issuing speeding tickets. Despite their intended purpose, traffic data released through the years indicate that these speed radar signs alone have failed to act as a deterrent to drivers speeding on residential streets.

For a detailed overview of the traffic data collected street-by-street, you can access the summary here.

Given the ongoing problem of speeding on our residential roads, it is imperative that the City Council takes proactive measures to address the issue comprehensively. The safety of our community should be a top priority, and further methods of deterring speeders must be explored and implemented.

As residents of Clyde Hill, it’s our collective responsibility to advocate for measures that will make our streets safer for everyone. By urging the City Council to prioritize and implement effective solutions, we can improve traffic and pedestrian safety.

Let’s come together to ensure that our residential roads are no longer plagued by the dangers of speeding. Sign our petition asking the Clyde Hill City Council to revisit the issue and explore new solutions today!

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