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Question over Mayor Friedman and His Campaign Finances

Following his election in November, Mayor Steve Friedman was contacted to review his campaign finances, pursuant to Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 390-16-043. Mayor Friedman received a request for a meeting to review his campaign books – but he refused the request. His refusal sparks concern over transparency in our local government.

In response to requests for details on campaign expenditures, Mayor Friedman appeared to become defensive. He pointed out that he ran unopposed and spent about $700. However, he did provide some information. Notably, he disclosed that he hosted his campaign website with a self-design website, incurring a cost of $19 per year. Additionally, he shared expenses for yard signs made with Build a Sign, totaling $559.31, and a campaign photo taken with Alpha 1 Studio at a cost of $176.16.

However, Mayor Friedman’s disclosure fell short in one critical aspect – he did not reveal who had contributed to his campaign. This omission raises an important question: Why is the mayor withholding information about those who financially supported his campaign?

When pressed for the missing information, Mayor Friedman defended his position, stating that he believed he had “provided sufficient information.” Unfortunately, this response came after a series of delays that managed to push the timeline past the filing deadline for a complaint with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC).

Transparency in campaign finances is crucial for maintaining trust in local government. Simply put, the mayor’s refusal to fully disclose his campaign contributors undermines public trust.

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