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Clyde Hill Changes? Leaf Blower Restrictions and Fowl Keeping Debate

The Clyde Hill City Council is considering two key proposals: repealing restrictions on keeping fowl and implementing a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers. These issues have gained attention from residents, and we here at the Clyde Hill Coalition believe that it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each proposal.

Repealing Restrictions on Keeping Fowl

The current Clyde Hill Municipal Code 6.04.025 prohibits the keeping of chickens, roosters, ducks, geese, turkeys, or other fowl within the city limits. However, some residents have expressed a desire to revisit this restriction, citing the potential benefits of keeping a small number of chickens while adhering to responsible practices.

Comparing neighboring cities, Yarrow Point does not have any restrictions on keeping fowl, while Hunts Point has limitations on fowl that cause noise disturbances. Bellevue allows up to six fowl as pets. The history of the Clyde Hill Code (last updated approximately 10 years ago) reveals that the issue has been contentious in the past, and the City Council in the January council meeting mentioned it is now reconsidering the matter.

Residents initially asked that the City Council revisit the issue at a meeting in July 2021, requesting an amendment to allow fowl in Clyde Hill. Staff reviewed the history of the code but decided not to pursue further action unless a Councilmember expressed a strong contrary opinion. The current City Council now appears more willing to take up the issue, signaling a potential change to the restriction in the February 2024 council meeting.

We here at the Clyde Hill Coalition urge residents to voice their opinions on whether the city should repeal the restriction on keeping fowl. Share your thoughts in the survey at the end of this blog post.  Councilmembers emails can be found here on our website. 

Implementing a Ban on Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Some residents in Clyde Hill have observed an increase in noise disturbances from gas-powered leaf blowers, especially with more people working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic. The current Clyde Hill Municipal Code 8.10.030(G) places restrictions on the operation of leaf blowers, but some residents believe it’s time for stricter measures.

Comparing with neighboring cities, Medina and Kirkland have implemented resolutions with measurable goals to address noise concerns, public safety, health, and neighborhood character (requiring battery powered leaf blowers). The state legislature is considering outlawing gas powered leaf blowers in a 2024 session.

Notably, the key issue for Clyde Hill residents appears to be the annoyance of the noise produced by gas-powered leaf blowers. Concerns over air pollution or gasoline consumption are secondary issues. As with repealing the ban on fowl, the City Council has signaled the issue of banning gas-powered leaf blowers will be considered. Once again, we here at the Clyde Hill Coalition encourage residents to participate in the survey below to gauge community sentiments regarding these proposed changes.

Tell Us What You Think!

Do you support repealing restrictions on keeping fowl in Clyde Hill?
Do you support implementing a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers in Clyde Hill?
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