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A Consideration of Candidates: Upcoming Clyde Hill City Council Seat Appointment

The City of Clyde Hill is presently in a state of transition as the City Council prepares to fill the vacant seat left by now Mayor Steve Friedman, who secured an uncontested victory last November. The impending vote by Councilmembers on January 9th introduces Lisa Slivka and Tim Rattigan as candidates vying for the role. Let’s examine the profiles of these individuals as the city anticipates the selection of its newest member.

Lisa Slivka was the leading advocate of trying to remove your right to vote for mayor back in 2022. Through her involvement with the unsuccessful Prop 1 initiative, Slivka has an association with Councilmember Dean Hachamovitch. Correspondence obtained via a public record revealed an email from Hachamovitch describing Slivka as a “dear friend,” underscoring their existing relationship.

Slivka and former Councilmember Scott Moore filed an unsuccessful PDC complaint against former Mayor Klaas, which was dismissed after a finding revealed allegations to be unsubstantiated. Public documents show Slivka, who was involved with neighbor hedge issues and right of way with the city on her property, also filed a public records request for the performance review of the City Administrator. If Slivka is appointed, will new Mayor Friedman be able and willing to protect the City Administrator and city staff from any potential discord?

Slivka made prior attempts to seek power on the Planning Commission and the City Council. Her applications for both positions were met with unsuccessful outcomes.  However, given her latest application, her persistence to try and gain a city leadership position is evident. Slivka spent twenty-eight minutes completing her application (00:28:16) where she highlighted her experience on many local non-profit boards. You can read her application and resume on the city website by clicking here.

Conversely, Tim Rattigan enters the fray as a relatively enigmatic figure. Rattigan who has lived in Clyde Hill for 30 years has a municipal finance background having worked with many municipalities in the region. He also worked in Washington D.C. in a Congressional office on various legislature matters. As the community awaits further details, Rattigan’s position as an outsider with very relevant and practical experience adds an element of anticipation to the Council appointment process. Rattigan spent one hour and fifty-six minutes on his application (01:56:24). You can read his application and resume on the city website by clicking here.

As the city council approaches the vote and decision on January 9th, it underscores the dynamic nature inherent in local politics. Whether Slivka, with her demonstrated persistence, secures the position or Rattigan emerges as an unexpected addition to the Council, the overarching focus remains on finding a candidate who has the experience and is committed to serving and preserving our community.

The appointed individual will serve out the rest of Steve Friedman’s vacancy on the Council for a term until late 2025. Residents don’t have a chance to vote for this appointed councilmember serving them. However, if you would like to contact your elected officials who will vote on the appointment, we encourage you to email your councilmembers. You can also attend the council meeting on Tuesday, January 9 at 7:00 PM and make your voice heard during the public comment time.

Emails of individual councilmembers:

Steve Sinwell:              [email protected]

Kim Muromoto:          [email protected]

Ryan Olson:                 [email protected]

Dean Hachamovitch: [email protected]

We encourage Clyde Hill residents to stay informed by checking back with us regularly, as updates on this matter will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of local politics.

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