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Council Member Jones – Separation of Powers is Important

CHANGE OF CLYDE HILL GOVERNMENT – LOSE SEPARATION OF POWERS – LOSE RIGHT TO ELECT YOUR MAYOR – UPDATE; JUNE 28th Council “Special” Session will allow public comments on the vote of a Resolution to “fast-track” adding to ballot for change in Government. IF Council votes to pass Resolution June 28th it will “fast-track” to the November 2022 ballot, in just 5 months. If Resolution does not pass it would be added to November 2023 ballot, if signatures are verified by King County Elections. For such a monumental change after 69 years, Residents and Voters deserve the time to learn about how the change will affect them and their community. Contact your Council Members and ask them to VOTE NO on “fast-track” resolution.

Council Member Bruce Jones comments “huge decision for the City, can’t be taken lightly….not to rush into … SEPARATION OF POWERS IS IMPORTANT…everyone needs to be clear about their motivations (he says twice).”

VIDEO LINK HERE: Council Member Bruce Jones Video – Separation of Power is Important

CALL TO ACTION; Speak at the June 28th Special Session and email your Council Members before June 28th asking them to VOTE NO on the “fast-track” Resolution. Especially Council Member Friedman and Muromoto (as potential swing votes – emails below). Full three hour City Council meeting audio recording here, (Council Member Bruce Jones comments at time mark 2:25).

Contact your council members, emails are here, (just click):

All Clyde Hill Council Members Email

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